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Living on a farm, even at these very dangerous times when the farmers are murdered, seemingly willy nilly, is an amazing experience for a city person like myself.

The silence is the one thing that I can say is nowhere else to be found except far from the madding crowds.

In this silence the sounds of nature is a soothing remedy for any tired soul.  After a down pouring of rain the frogs really do pipe up a storm of their own. The cattle and sheep have a language of their own and if you pay attention you can start to distinguish between just talking to one another, or calling out to each other over distance, and also when they are not happy.

My four legged furry children have been a large part of this farm life, not just my pets but all the orphans I had a hand in helping to grow up.  I can tell you many stories of going for walks on the farm with the dog and at least one cat and sometimes up to four calves in tow.  Even when they are all grown up and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them from the rest of the heard, they always come up for a snuggle in the hope of a tidbit. Or taking two lambs for a walk after giving them their bottles; I would take them to the veld to teach them how to fend for themselves.

Or the peacocks becoming so naughty that they would sneak in to spend the night inside.  Of course the next morning a shit storm would greet me.  It became so bad that I gave them away, but lo and behold, a year later they pitched up again. The same couple yes, they went back to their old bad habits immediately.  They taught me to adjust to them, not expect them to adjust to me.  Now I have a large spring pulling the back gate closed after I go inside, and they have to stay outside even if they watch me with beady and expectant little eyes.

I know for a fact that not one animal is incapable of being spoiled rotten.

To be able to have this experience has been an unexpected bonus in my life.

It is a sad fact that this life style is in serious jeopardy, and my farm stay is nearing it’s end.

But I am happy, I enjoy change, with all the challenges and adjustments it brings.

Change keeps me on my toes.



Both equally curios.
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