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Bets de Bruyn  Art Studio

About My Studio

I am an artist. It is my passion in life. I live art, I think if you cut me I will bleed paint.

I have been in the art world in some form or another since childhood. And that is a long time.


For a look at my work please visit

My Facebook page: artbybetsdebruyn

My Instagram: betsarty


Join the art classes

I teach art techniques to adults:

Introduction to drawing in pencil, charcoal, and coloured pencils.

Painting with oil and acrylic paint.

Using mixed media.


To see what the art group does please visit the Facebook page: artgroupinballito



I also present workshops in various mediums and different subjects.

Paintings, scultures and stories

I tell stories with paintings, and sculptures.

Art For Sale

Commissions done.